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Airline's Wall of Champions – Celebrating the Legacy of Our Employee Owners

Jaci Van Wart
Posted by Jaci Van Wart on Mar 7, 2024 11:48:05 AM

If you've ever visited our headquarters in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, you can see our main hallway is lined with baseball jerseys. But why? Is there an Airline Hydraulics softball team you didn't know about? No, that's our beloved 'Wall of Champions,' where we honor our employee-owners who retired from our company. In honor of our 75th anniversary, let's take a tour and review how Airline, an ESOP company that's 100% employee-owned, commemorates the substantial contributions of its retirees. Let's get into it!

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The Legacy That Inspired It AllWhat the Jerseys Mean to EmployeesA Testament to Airline's ValuesESOP: A Model for SuccessAn Invite to Be a Part of the Legacy



Watch our video to tour our 'Wall of Champions'

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What Our 'Wall of Champions' Means

The idea behind our Wall of Champions is that when someone has worked for at least ten years and retires from Airline, we hang a jersey with their last name and the number of years served at the Airline in our headquarters in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.


Just like professional sports teams, we wanted to show appreciation for our own key players to express our gratitude for their years of work and contributions to the business. Without them, we wouldn't be the organization we are today.

Mark Steffens Baseball CardsWe decided on Baseball jerseys because our former Chairman of the Board, Joe Loughran, loved baseball, and our current CEO, Mark Steffens, actually used to play professional baseball. 

So every jersey adorning the 'Wall of Champions' represents a rich, personal history of dedication and contribution to the company. The jerseys on this 'hall of fame' are more than memorabilia; they're testimonials of their hard work, tenacity, and commitment.


What Our 'Wall of Champions' Means to Our Employees

But what does it truly mean to our employees? This wall represents the benefits of being part of a 100% employee-owned company.

Salary - Bonus@3xThe collection of Jerseys symbolizes over seven million dollars in retirement funds paid out to retirees and represents over 600+ years of combined service—that's incredible!

It's remarkable that more than 138 of our approximately 350 employees are eligible to have their jerseys displayed on the 'Wall of Champions.' That statistic alone speaks volumes about the dedication and longevity of our team members!


wall of champions chart

A Testament to Airline's Values

Airline Core Values letter size FINALThe 'Wall of Champions' symbolizes the essence of Airline's culture, our CHAMPIONS core values, and our commitment to our employees. These values attract like-minded individuals who are not just employees but are vested stakeholders in the company's growth, both economically and emotionally.

Being 100% employee-owned is not an accolade Airline hangs around its neck; it's a way of life, a promise, and a collective endeavor to build a better future for all of us and our families.

The real gem lies not in the individual items displayed but in the priceless message they convey. Every employee matters, their contributions are priceless, and their legacy lasts in the Airline's story.

By showcasing - quite literally - the rewards of perseverance, Airline's 'Wall of Champions' stands as a testament to the success of our ESOP model we've had since 2005. It's more than a business strategy; it's a story of empowerment, trust, and mutual benefit that unfolds with every jersey it adds.



1697671355148Be a Part of the Legacy

Every jersey in the 'Wall of Champions' is not just to mark the end of a successful career, but to start a legacy. This is an open call to those who wish to craft their future with the Airline. The question is: Will you have your jersey hung on our Wall of Champions? Explore careers at Airline and find out!



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