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Airline's Top 11 Moments of 2022, by the Numbers

Despite supply chain disruptions impacting the manufacturing industry, we had a fantastic year thanks to our amazing...

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What Does An Engineer Do? Engineering Application Story

Our engineers seem to get asked this question all the time, “what do you really do?” That will of course depend on an...

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Lean Manufacturing Work Cell Reduces Cycle Time by 90% | Microlab's Story

Microlab, a Wireless Telecom Group Company located in Parsippany, NJ, aimed to decrease their production cycle time...

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Company Reduces Production Time by 64% | A Manufacturing Success Story

In today's fast-paced world, we're always seeking new methods to produce products faster, achieve higher quality,...

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Aluminum Extrusion Success Story | Building a Modular Grill Stand

Earlier this summer, boy scout troop 56, from Lacey, New Jersey, found themselves in a pickle. They planned an epic...

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Impossible Engineering | Building Over A Busy Highway🏗️

Rockefeller University in Manhattan wanted to expand its campus, but the cramped city space forced them to think...

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Robots in the Classroom: The York College Story

In what day and age did you think you would have a robot coworker? It may be coming sooner than you think! Students at...

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How MAE Standardized ALL Electrical Cabinets | Eaton CUBEFuse Success Story

"Our electrical control cabinets now have 95% commonality. This allows us to reduce cost in both assembly and...

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SmartWire Significantly Reduces Commissioning of New Production Line

Airline’s customer, a manufacturer and supplier of water and gas meters, was embarking on a large-scale effort to...

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