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In this industrial blog, learn how to make your technology systems work for you. Become faster, smarter, competitive, and cost-effective in today's rapidly changing marketplace by learning from our experts' collective experience.

Industrial Networking Solutions for OEMs: How Network Address Translation (NAT) Switches Work

The adoption of 1:1 Network Address Translation (NAT) switches by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) is becoming...

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Phoenix Contact Territory Expansion 🏴 A Message from our CEO

We recently announcedthe expansion of our authorized Phoenix Contact sales territory to include Western New York and...

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M2M Portables by Phoenix Contact | Remote Connectivity for OEMs & Integrators

OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and system integrators know the benefits of remote machine access. Who wants to...

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HMI Hardware 101: Different Types & How to Choose

This blog explains different options for HMIs and what kind of HMI you should be looking for based on a few application...

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Visu+ Express Basics Tutorials | Learn Visu+ by Phoenix Contact

HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) are how we control and manage industrial machines. HMI's are programmed using...

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OT Cybersecurity: A Complete Beginner's Guide

Don't let the topic of cybersecurity scare you, even during spooky season 🎃. October is National Cybersecurity...

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FL mGuard by Phoenix Contact | How to Establish & Secure a Remote Network

With IIoT technologies growing exponentially, real-time and remote system communication is easier and more affordable...

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How to Navigate Surge Protection Code Requirements

Safety is at the forefront of today's system designs, including electrical safety for electrical boxes and control...

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NFPA 79: What This Standard Means and How to Follow It

To safeguard applications from surges and other risks truly, a safe work environment is needed. That’s why more and...

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Industrial Wifi Setup, Featuring the FL WLAN by Phoenix Contact

With an ever-changing digital future and the need to integrate IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) capabilities, the...

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Safety Controls Innovation | The PSRmodular by Phonix Contact

Design priority in a control cabinet is a perpetual battle between saving space and reducing costs, all while...

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Phoenix Contact's Axioline Smart Elements Explained

I/O (input/output) is critical for data exchange, and in the world of machine automation, data is king. But when you...

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