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SMC Solenoid Valve Review

Michael Schapoehler
Posted by Michael Schapoehler on Apr 7, 2022 2:13:58 PM

smc meme copyMany pneumatics engineers can't take their eyes off of the popular SY series of solenoid valves from SMC. But being popular can have disadvantages. This series' acclaim combined with existing supply chain issues make it challenging to source in today's market. Luckily, it's not the only valve that will work for your application, as there are other great valve options readily available. Keep reading as we review the SMC's breath of solenoid valves along with the popular SY valve.

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Solenoid Valve Basics

What is a Solenoid Valve?   

Solenoid valves convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The solenoid valves have a valve body with a block on the top, which will have cables coming out once installed. This top part is the solenoid, and the bottom part is the valve, therefore, making a solenoid valve.



How Do Solenoid Valves Work?   


instrumentationtools.com_direct-operated-direct-acting-solenoid-valvesThe solenoid coil on the top operates the valve by passing an electrical current through it to create an electromagnetic field and use the valve. When connected to a controller, it can be operated autonomously and remotely by a computer, without the need for engineers to run around, opening and closing valves physically. These valves also allow engineers to autonomously and remotely control fluid flow within a system. This fluid can be a liquid or a gas. As a result, it will enable systems to run much more efficiently and safely.

SY Series by SMC

5 Port Solenoid Valve Plug-in Type SY

This is the valve many engineers already know and love, and for that reason has become challenging to come by with current supply chain demands. But it's popular for a reason - With the versatility of the SY valves series, engineers can improve productivity, increase machine lifetime, and decrease cycle time. Other advantages include optimizing air consumption, mixed-sized mounting, and having a high flow in a compact size. It's also easy to customize your supply pressure vacuum and release using a single unit, an interface regulator, and blocking disks. 

In addition, you can adapt the valve to your specific needs with options for operation from the side, top, both, or bottom, making it perfect for fitting into tight electrical cabinets. Lastly, the D-Sub connector, circular connector, serial interface, and wireless interface are easy to design and customize.


Download Series Literature


SY Valve Series Include:

Discreet wired manifolds

Complex Fieldbus manifolds

Wireless technology incorporated into their Fieldbus offering

A five-port versatile solenoid valve, with the same valve for single mounting and metal base or resin base

Hot-swap it SUP (stop valve spacer)

Double-check spacer residual pressure release valve

Several override options

Pressure switch

External pilot

Multiple communication options, including Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, and ProfiNET

Learn more about the SY valve in our video review



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Now let's review some other SMC solenoid valves with excellent performance and better availability in the current market.


JSY Series by SMC


SMC's JSY series is a compact five-port directional control valve targeted for robotic arms and end of arm tools. There are three valve body sizes available for the JSY series: JSY1000 (6.4mm); JSY3000 (10mm) & JSY5000 (15mm). It boasts a small and lightweight design while improving its flow characteristics. The JSY series is available as plug-in and non-plug-in types. Also, the JSY plug-in type is compatible with Fieldbus and ethernet communication modules like EX600 and EX260. 

 Did you know? The JSY1000 has the world's smallest width for a five-port valve, with a body width of just 6.4mm! 


Download Series Literature

Configure the JSY Online




VQC Series by SMC

Picture2SMC's VQC is a series of four and five-port solenoid valves. Benefits of the VQC include its five standard wiring packages, bringing new ease to wiring and maintenance work. Three of the wiring packages even include protective enclosures that conform to IP67 standards, offering protection from dust and moisture.

In addition, the valve's multi-pin connectors replace traditional wiring inside manifold blocks to provide flexibility when adding stations or changing manifold configurations. As a result, the VQC series also has excellent response times and a long operation lifespan.


Download Series Literature

Configure the VQC Online




SV Series by SMC

Picture3The SV is an SMC series of four and five-port solenoid valves which use 34 pin connectors, allowing up to 16 stations with double solenoids. Advantages of the SY include using a multi-connector instead of the conventional lead wires for internal manifold wiring. Connecting each block with a connector makes it effortless to make changes to various stations, and these cassette base-type manifolds offer the ultimate flexibility. Users can also easily add multiple sections with a simple release mechanism. If you're looking for a more conventional design, tie-rod base type manifolds are also available with the SV.


 Download Series Literature    Configure the SV Online


Custom Manifold Assemblies: You Buy, We Build

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SMC's solenoid valves and manifolds offer industry-leading valve performance advancements, and despite the limited availability of the SY, it doesn't mean you can't get the job done. For help determining the best valve solutions for your application, utilize our experts and resources to find the best fit your application and get the job done

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Resources & Information 

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