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Bosch Rexroth Connected Hydraulics Roadshow Review

Rob Panzarella
Posted by Rob Panzarella on Jun 16, 2022 12:00:00 PM

Ready! Set! Go! I’m excited to be back on the road this summer with the Bosch Rexroth Connected Hydraulics Roadshow. This time, Airline and the roadshow are traveling through New York, New England, and Pennsylvania from July 18th to August 18th, 2022. In this post, I'll review the overall roadshow experience and the different technologies present on the tour.



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About the Connected Hydraulics Roadshow  |  Product Review  |  Request a Visit 

About the Connected Hydraulics Roadshow

The Connected Hydraulics Roadshow is a traveling showcase of Bosch Rexroth's industrial hydraulics solutions to simplify design, streamline installation, reduce footprint, maximize productivity and minimize downtime. Last Fall, I had the pleasure of hosting the Roadshow experience for the first time and talked about my experience in my video review. The benefits of experiencing the roadshow include: 

 Popular connected hydraulics products and demonstrations.

 A hands-on learning experience for everyone on the team, especially engineers.

 In-person conversations about connected hydraulics with an experienced hydraulics product managers

 No travel. The Roadshow comes right to your organization's parking lot! 

Best of all, you'll better understand how to utilize connected hydraulics without leaving their office parking lots and allotting an entire day to travel. Become a stop on our tour by requesting a visit below:

Request a Roadshow Visit


Connected Hydraulics Product Review 


Bosch Rexroth's CytroBox is a compact, modular, and IoT-capable hydraulic power unit for the medium performance range of 7.5 kW to 30 kW. It comprises impressive and compact hydraulic and electrical control components, and when compared to previous units, considerably saves space and reduces the amounts of space, energy, and noise emissions.

It's machine maintenance month here at Airline, and if you're looking for built-in predictive maintenance solutions built right into your hydraulic power unit, you should definitely check out the CytroBox. CytroConnect Predict uses machine learning algorithms within the Rexroth Online Diagnostics Network (ODiN) to provide predictive analysis of the system.





Untitled-1 copy-2Pumps, Valves & Motors

Rexroth is known for its broad portfolio of robust and high-quality hydraulic components.







The Sytronix FcP consists of a fixed pump with an asynchronous motor and frequency converter. The Sytronix can achieve energy savings of up to 80% and noise reduction of up to 20 dB(A).





The CytroPac is Rexroth’s revolutionary small power unit; it incorporates all three key connected hydraulics technologies: Sytronix FcP, IoT-Ready Protocols, and myCro.




shh-1-1Servo Hydraulic Actuator

A complete heavy-duty system, the SHA combines the benefits of hydraulics and electric technologies. With Sytronix servo-drive and IoT-Ready protocols, the SHA enables plug-and-play connectivity and is built for various applications.




Schedule a visit from the Connected Hydraulics Roadshow this summer. The benefits of this in-person visit result in engineers leaving with a better understanding of how to utilize connected hydraulics without travel stress.  

Have a question about Rexroth's Connected Hydraulics solutions? Let us know in the comments or contact us online.

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