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The 101 of Haskel's Air Pressure Amplifiers

Kyle Springer
Posted by Kyle Springer on Dec 11, 2020 9:16:09 AM

Are You Under Pressure to Raise Your Air Pressure?

In most industrial plant settings, it is extremely common to encounter situations in which the standard air compressors in the facility are unable to deliver pressures high enough to properly service a variety of industrial operations, processes, and production equipment. What options are available when these circumstances are encountered?

Initial instincts lead one to consider an investment in an air compressor capable of producing output pressures beyond those of conventional air compressors until one learns about the high price of such units. This “sticker shock” is often coupled with the realization that the demand for higher air pressure isn’t a plant-wide need, but is limited only to point-of-use demand associated with some unique operation within the plant. In many instances, it is often discovered that the demand for elevated pressures is not required on a consistent or continual basis. To complicate matters further, certain plant locations requiring higher pressures may risk a potential explosion if an electrically powered device were to be used to boost the air pressure.

Once these additional facts and concerns have been taken into consideration, a Haskel air pressure amplifier system becomes a viable option. An air pressure amplifier often referred to as an air booster or air pressure booster, is an air pump driven by part of the incoming compressed air supply enabling it to cycle and pump the balance of the supply to higher output pressure. An ingeniously simple device, it is capable of amplifying the output air pressure based upon the drive air pressure and the ratio of the area in the drive section in comparison to the area in the output section of the amplifier. Pressures can be raised from several hundred to five thousand psi, with a wide range of pressurized air-flow volumes and rates possible. Clever by design, a Haskel air pressure amplifier typically sources both the drive air and the inlet air to be boosted in pressure from the main conventional compressed air system. The power required to operate the air pressure amplifier again comes from the drive air supply system. By regulating the air pressure and airflow to the air drive section, the amplified air pressure and flow will be adjusted proportionally.

A Haskel air pressure amplifier does not require an electrical power source which makes this device ideally suited for potentially explosive environments. Air pressure amplifiers can provide a continuous flow of pressurized air or operate in a stalled condition and configured to cycle to only when the outlet pressure drops below an acceptable level. With few moving parts, Haskel air pressure amplifiers are rugged and robust, and easy to maintain, troubleshoot, and service. Haskel air pressure amplifiers are an ideal choice when an economical, practical, and simple solution is required to provide air pressures above the pressure ranges provided by conventional compressed air systems.

Key Features

  • Long seal life and easy maintenance
  • No heat, flame or spark risk
  • Wide range of models, controls, and options
  • No airline lubrication is required, eliminating oily exhaust
  • Infinitely variable outlet pressure and flow capability
  • Wide range of standard and custom systems
  • Compact and completely self-contained, requiring no electrical connections
  • Can be wall, bench, or floor-mounted in any position
  • Control of maximum pressure by means of inexpensive air drive pressure regulators


Information and Downloads

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