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Kyle Springer

Kyle Springer
Kyle Springer is a Product Sales Manager at Airline Hydraulics, specializing in field sales engineering, product management, and enhancing high-pressure systems with Haskel and BuTech liquid and gas boosting technologies.

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How to Set Gas Booster Controls

So, you have a new gas booster (or are about to buy one and doing some research). Adding a pressure control circuit...

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Haskel's Gas Boosters, Explained

The use of industrial gases in many industries is commonplace and the demand for various types of industrial gases such...

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Getting the Most from Your Butane or Propane Extraction System

Butane, propane, or hybrid mixtures of these two solvents are used in one of the most common methods to extract oil...

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Haskel Air-Operated, High-Pressure Liquid Pumps

What To Do When Your Application Demands, “More Pressure! More Pressure!”

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