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Exploring Robotics: Airline’s Introduction of Future Tech to Today’s Youth

Michael Schapoehler
Posted by Michael Schapoehler on Feb 27, 2024 9:39:19 AM

What will the next generations of engineers be like? While we can't predict the future, the outlook looks promising, considering the curiosity and intelligence of today's young minds. In celebration of our 75th anniversary, our dedication lies in nurturing their growth, which is why we visited the Lancaster Science Factory with our friend "TiM," the talking Collaborative Robot from Omron. Learn more and watch our video about how Airline and TiM brought to life the captivating world of robotics in a fun and educational way. 

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Seventh Graders Love YouTube And Robots

Our presentation opened up with a YouTube video of an eleven-year-old boy programming an Omron Cobot at home to perform a pick-and-place task. Witnessing someone their own age using a real-life robot was a significant moment for the seventh graders, highlighting that they, too, could program a robot. An abstract notion turned into a tangible reality




Meeting TiM, the Friendly Collaborative Robot

cobotTiM's robotic voice, lights, and movements caught the seventh graders' attention and highlighted the importance of hands-on learning. Anytime TiM was speaking, the kids would politely listen - That's better than most substitute teachers are treated!

The students were also interested in us debunking scary robot myths and answering all their questions. Are we going to be ruled by robot overlords? Probably not. 😆


Moments Like These Make It All Worthwhile

TiM and I left the event heartened by the kids' enthusiasm and brimming with optimism for what they might achieve. We look forward to returning to the Lancaster Science Factory to inspire even more students with the magic of robotics.

The partnership between the Airline and the Lancaster Science Factory represents a crucial bond between the advanced technology community and the future generations. We believe that early experiences with high-tech are essential and not just for a select few but should be open to all kids.

To the high-tech community: Give back to the next generation and spark curiosity. Our world will continue to need talented and innovative engineers to keep pushing boundaries and solving complex problems. If we can help teach and inspire them, believe me - There's no better way to spend an afternoon. 🤖👍


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