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ESOP Benefits for Employee-Owners | Airline Celebrates ESOP Month!

Jaci Van Wart
Posted by Jaci Van Wart on Oct 27, 2022 11:15:00 AM

esop celebrate copy-1October is National Employee Ownership Month, a time to celebrate and recognize the benefits of ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program)! While many companies are a partial ESOP, Airline Hydraulics is proud to be 100% employee-owned. This article will review how we celebrated ESOP month in 2022 and how our ESOP benefits our employees.


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ESOP Month Fun | Employee Ownership Appreciation | Work at an ESOP


ESOP Benefits for Employees 

There are many benefits to working at an ESOP organization. First, consider an ESOP a benefit for workers because these programs tend to be adopted by companies with a strong company culture and lower employee turnover rates. Additionally, employees enjoy larger retirement plan balances resulting from the growth of their stock shares as the value of the company increases.

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Although an ESOP is usually beneficial for employees, the concept of an ESOP can be hard to understand, leaving employees feeling misguided or with a lack of understanding. Nevertheless, being a part of an ESOP is an empowering experience for employees, so don't overlook working at an employee-owned company just because you don't fully understand its complexities. Learn more about the ins and outs of an ESOP by reviewing our blog, "We're 100% Employee Owned... But What Does That Mean?"


Airline Celebrates ESOP Month

birthday-party-balloon-png-image-13Happy employee ownership month! Every year, Airline hosts various events to promote and celebrate the value of employee ownership and our CHAMPIONS core values. This year, our events ranged from one-hour activities to month-long challenges to silly contests and creative family fun. Here's a look at how we celebrated our employee-owners this month. 


Children's Coloring Fun

Our employee-owners invited their little Picassos to participate in the ESOP fun! Kids could complete and display a coloring page where they create a dog house for Airline's mascot and furry friend, Hydro. Any child could join in the fun, including children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other little ones! In addition, everyone who sent a drawing received a kid-friendly Airline giveaway item. Check out some of our coloring contest submissions below! 

Gianna Color Contest Picture -Age 12 - Tracey Sweeney dog 4 dog 3-1dog 1


Virtual Trivia 

Airline planned an after-hours virtual trivia night and asked our employee-owners to play along with their friends and family. Virtual trivia games are a special way to promote fun and engagement within any organization, especially ones with remote teams. We used an external virtual trivia program, and they provided a host and questions that all ages could answer. When playing, you'll be surprised by who knows what! 

Casual Friday on Monday

In most workspaces, employees are allowed to dress more comfortably on Fridays. But during ESOP month, we also allowed casual Monday as another opportunity for employee-owners to show parts of their creativity and personality. Also, ESOP month is October, and we can't forget about Halloween! So we are asking our employee-owners to wear their favorite superhero apparel on October 31, the last day of ESOP month. 

Now & Then Photo Display

At Airline, we love our selfies! So we asked our employee-owners to participate in a "Now & Then" display where employees send two photos of themselves to our ESOP team; one was taken recently, and the other from the year they started working at Airline. Appreciating all employees, regardless of their hire date, is essential! Check out some of the photo submissions below.

jaci 1 todd s




Gift-Card-PNG-Download-ImageAt Airline, we love a good raffle, which is an excellent way to show appreciation to employees! So during ESOP month at Airline, if you are an employee-owner, you are automatically entered into a weekly raffle to win a $50 gift card to either Amazon, Home Depot, or Lowes! 


ESOP Crossword Puzzle

To reinforce ESOP terminology and essential vocabulary, we provided an ESOP-themed crossword puzzle and a prize to those who filled it out correctly. At Airline, furthering our employee owner's knowledge of ESOP concepts is a high priority, so everyone who submitted a correctly completed crossword was entered into a raffle to win an Amazon gift card. 



Other Celebrations: Piece of the Pie Day

DSC_6934ESOP appreciation shouldn't just happen one month out of the year! We also celebrate Piece of the Pie day (because we all get a "piece of the pie" when it comes to Airline's stock!), where we serve different pies and have a pie-eating contest! At an ESOP organization, planning a special day to celebrate employee ownership is a great way to show appreciation. 



At Airline, company culture isn't just a trend or buzzword. Instead, we prioritize investing in our most significant assets, our employee-owners. All 300+ employees at our office locations are encouraged to reach new heights while serving our customers within the fluid, power, and automation markets. All employees at Airline can succeed as individuals in a thriving 100% employee-owned culture where collaboration and ownership are two pillars of Airline Hydraulics Corporation's core values.


Have a question about employee ownership or Airline Hydraulics? Let us know in the comments below!


Work at an ESOP

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