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How to Collect Data from Existing Sensors & Control Systems | Meet Snap Signal by Banner

Michael Schapoehler
Posted by Michael Schapoehler on Jun 29, 2023 2:58:39 PM

Businesses often see updating their machine maintenance solutions as a daunting, budget-breaking project, which used to be true, but not anymore! Getting started with predictive maintenance is actually easier than ever, thanks to solutions like Snap Signal, by Banner Engineering. This innovative tech lets you ease into upgrading your maintenance strategies without blowing the bank by enabling remote monitoring for existing sensors and controllers.

We're breaking down this great predictive maintenance solution and sharing some application examples below. Keep reading, or watch our video!


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Bridging Data Types| Remote/Wireless Monitoring | Common Application Examples

Leveraging the Cloud Platform | Summary 



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Bridging Data Types and Platforms

Banner Snap ElevatorBanner's Snap Signal is a versatile solution for consolidating data from different sources, like discretes, analogs, and specialty devices. It converts the various data types back to a singular data type, like ModBus or IO-Link, and sends it all back to a centralized cloud platform, where you can then remotely monitor those devices from anywhere and set up alarm triggers & notifications. The best part is that the modular architecture of Snap Signal enables effortless integration with existing sensors, control systems, or cloud platforms. By utilizing controllers or cloud infrastructure already in place, Snap Signal can be implemented incrementally, avoiding the need for a complete overhaul. This adaptability allows for a smooth transition and enhances your system's scalability.


r70-224731-aRemote Monitoring and Centralized Data Collection

An additional advantage of Snap Signal is the option to deploy remote radios throughout the facility, ensuring data collection from previously isolated areas. This facilitates the consolidation of data islands into a centralized location, providing a comprehensive overview of the entire facility. By utilizing remote radios, maintenance teams can monitor assets located in remote corners without requiring extensive wiring.




With Snap Signal as your ally, data collection and analysis become easy, as maintenance personnel can analyze data trends, identify patterns, and proactively address equipment issues from anywhere at any time. 

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Common Application Examples

Let's break down two examples where almost every industrial facility could benefit from implementing predictive maintenance: dust collectors, and facilities rooms.


Example One: Dust Collectors 

Dust collectors are essential components helping keep the air clean and safe in many workplaces. However, they are often located in isolated areas where people may not always notice if they start to deteriorate, and this can be dangerous for both employees and the machines themselves - making them a great candidate for predictive maintenance soultions.

largeMaintenance personnel can use predictive maintenance strategies to keep dust collectors working properly by regularly checking their vibrations, current usage, and dust level monitoring to catch any problems early on. This process helps ensure the collectors work efficiently and safely, protecting the employees and the machines. Using technology like Banner's Snap Signal to monitor and analyze the data, maintenance teams can quickly identify issues and fix them before they cause any major disruptions.


Example Two: Facilities Rooms

Facilities rooms are great places for predicted maintenance because they're out of sight and out of mind. These spaces are generally off the main production floor and not an area where maintenance is commonly walking through, so you can have assets deteriorating without anyone knowing. Thankfully with today's technology, like Banner's Snap Signal,  you can permanently mount sensors and wireless radios to give you the data all over a facilities room, back to one centralized point. Giving you the flexibility of getting those remote assets in corners but not having to spend time or money to run wire to every corner of the facilities' room with the vibration monitoring.

featCamfil_pic2_0720You can collect data on worn pump blades, warn other components like bearings, cavitation if you start starving the pump, and even misalignment when the pump's installed. If it already exists, this data can be returned to a centralized PLC or sent to Banner's Cloud platform to generate simple check engine lights with the data to give you alarms.  


Leveraging Banner's Cloud Platform

Banner Engineering's cloud platform is what really enables predictive maintenance. Connecting your production equipment lets you easily gather, organize, and export historical data to improve system quality and optimize processes.

csm_174128-hybrid-ALLROUNDER-1120H_1ddb30d78cFor example, temperature and humidity play an important role in maintaining plastic quality in injection mold machines. By monitoring these factors and having text or email alarm notifications set up, you can assess performance drops and stop problems before they escalate into serious issues. Here's a demonstration of Banner's Cloud platform in our video.



Predictive maintenance has become vital for optimizing operations and minimizing downtime. Snap Signal provides a comprehensive and simple solution for data collection, critical component monitoring, and real-time alerts when needed.

The best part of Snap Signal? This technology allows you to harness the power of your existing sensors and technology, letting you easily update your maintenance strategies over time, without going over budget. 

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