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From Exposed Wires to Custom Solutions: Introducing TURCK’s Cable Assembly Solutions

Drew Dwyer
Posted by Drew Dwyer on Mar 14, 2024 9:30:00 AM

In the realm of electrical controls, seamless connectivity is crucial. However, when dealing with complex wiring issues, you may encounter cables with exposed wires and flying leads, or other challenges without an easy off-the-shelf solution. You're left with the dilemma of soldering wires or accepting quality risks. This is where TURCK steps in - a renowned global provider of industrial connectivity solutions. This post reviews their custom cable offerings and how they proved to be a success for one of our clients in the plastic injection molding sector.

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When Off-The-Shelf Cables Aren’t Sparking Success | Meet TURCK's Custom Cabling Solutions | Success Story in the Plastic Injection Molding Industry | Be Wired for Success, One Cable at a Time | FAQ & Resources


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Key Takeaways 

✔️ TURCK's pre-molded cabling is revolutionizing the industry by offering effective solutions to common challenges such as exposed wiring, flying leads and compatibility issues.

✔️ TURCK excels in the industry with fast turnaround without needing specialized knowledge. They provide various services like bonded inventory, Kan-Ban, over-molded cordset options, PPAP, and kitting solutions. Their custom cables ensure a seamless experience, saving time compared to off-the-shelf cables.

✔️ TURCK's success is evidenced by real achievements, such as helping create custom connectivity solutions for a customer in the plastic injection molding sector. Their custom cable solutions not only resolve existing issues but mitigate future quality problems.



When Off-The-Shelf Cables Aren’t Sparking Success

Connectivity is the key link that syncs different systems, yet the complexity of these systems is often overlooked - A single faulty cable has the power to halt even the most advanced machinery. Engineers and technicians encounter diverse and challenging issues related to connectivity, which drain resources and time from other essential tasks.
From traditional issues like exposed wiring and flying leads to modern complexities like compatibility problems, the demand for effective, customized solutions is more critical than ever.


Meet TURCK's Custom Cabling Solutions

Turck_RK_4_5T_5_RS_4_5TYou may know TURCK as the go-to resource for standard cabling solutions, but they also develop custom over-molded solutions to solve the most challenging connectivity applications.

Even under extreme environmental conditions, combat continual flexing, or meet specific certifications, TURCK diligently creates the custom cables needed to get the job done. Even better, their in-house team makes it easy for the customer. TURCK can turn a rough napkin sketch into a polished product, manufacture based on customer prints, or utilize an in-house tool shop and testing service to oversee the project from beginning to end.

TURCK excels in cable assembly services, setting the industry standard with automated strip crimping, hot stamping, looming, termination of connectors, and potting. Their team offers a comprehensive service portfolio, from bonded inventory to Kan-Ban, over-molded cord set options, PPAP, and kitting solutions.

Their custom cables are not just a product; they promise a smooth operational experience, guaranteeing that the time-consuming maze of finding the correct off-the-shelf cable will be a puzzle of the past. Where others say ‘no,’ TURCK finds a way,” says Todd Baumgartner, TURCK’s Business Development Manager -  Cable Assemblies.

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Success Story in the Plastic Injection Molding Industry

Talk is cheap, but TURCK's success is built on real achievements, like helping Airline create custom connectivity solutions for their customer in the plastic injection molding sector. One of Airline's long-standing customers was meeting their Airline Application Engineer, Peter Kornse, when he noticed some of their wiring had flying leads, meaning the wire was not permanently attached to a device or equipment. 

Upon discovering this wiring issue, Peter learned about the customer's struggle to find a suitable solution for the exposed wires. Taking the initiative, he delved into resolving the matter, recognizing the potential quality risks flying leads could introduce to their systems. Initially, exploring standard cables to address their requirements proved fruitless, as their specifications or deliverability didn’t meet the customer’s needs. 

Turning to TURCK for a tailored cable became the best solution. After outlining the customer's essentials, TURCK promptly delivered detailed design drawings within a few days.

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The customer gave the green light and ordered a test cable. Within a couple of weeks, the cable arrived, was connected, and voilà - it worked like a charm! This solution not only eliminated the need for flying leads but also checked off all the boxes on the customer's list of requirements. It's a straightforward, efficient fix that stands out for being available when other cable options fall short.

Cycle Time@2xSuccess stories like these prove that TURCK's custom solution doesn't just address today's issues; it foresees and prepares for tomorrow's challenges, ensuring less downtime, increased efficiencies, and greater peace of mind.


Be Wired for Success, One Cable at a Time

The future of industrial connectivity is about anticipating future problems. With TURCK's custom cabling, you can, too, achieve seamless industrial operations.

TURCK's custom cabling is the perfect choice for solving even the most complex cabling needs For engineers and industrialists aiming to stop soldering flying leads and have professional quality-tested cables for their systems, TURCK is not just the connection; it's the conductor for wiring success.




Frequently Asked Questions about TURCK

What kind of challenges does TURCK's custom cabling solve in industrial operations?

TURCK's custom cabling eliminates common challenges related to connectivity in industrial operations, such as exposed wiring and flying leads, compatibility issues, and the time-consuming process of finding the right off-the-shelf cable. It provides a tailored solution that is fast, efficient, and does not require specialized knowledge.


How does TURCK's custom cabling improve the operational experience in industries?

TURCK's custom cabling streamlines the design and manufacturing process. They can transform a rough sketch into a finished product or manufacture based on customer prints. They also have an in-house tool shop and testing service to supervise the project from start to finish, ensuring a seamless operational experience.




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