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The best tower lights ever | Reviewing eSIGN by WERMA

Graham Zimmerman
Posted by Graham Zimmerman on Nov 23, 2022 1:31:29 PM

Watch Peter Gasparini of WERMA USA explain why eSIGN is the most innovative and modular signal tower on the planet.

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WERMA is a German-based signaling engineering and manufacturing firm. Thirty years ago, WERMA invented the modular stack light, which they continue to offer and support. But as they continue to push signaling limits, they recently brought to market an electronically modular signal tower called eSIGN.

What is eSIGN?

werma_esign_03eSIGN, by WERMA, is the most innovative signal tower ever on the planet. With eSIGN, you can quickly and easily construct a signal tower that meets your ever-changing needs without adding unnecessary complexity. It's an electronically modular signal tower that allows virtually limitless customization to meet the specific needs of any job. Best of all, you only need to stock one part number to satisfy your requirements and applications, rather than the many parts for traditional signal towers.

eSIGN key features

eSIGN is waterproof and dustproof with an IP69k rating and has enhanced protection against chemicals and corrosive gases. WERMA took pains to ensure the plastics used for eSIGN are environmentally-friendly and UV-resistant. eSIGN has an IO-link and 24-volt versions, and both can come with ten different selectable tones that pair with any optical signaling. Many flexible mounting options are available, including base, wall, and tube mounting.

esign mounting

eSIGN configurations

Simple enough, there are only eight part numbers for the entire eSIGN series. There are four part numbers for the 24 Volt series (with vs. without sounder and nine vs. 15 segments) and an additional four part numbers for the IO-link variant.

Part #

eSIGN Description


eSIGN IO-Link 15 segments


eSIGN IO-Link 15 segments and sounder


eSIGN IO-Link 9 segments


eSIGN IO-Link 9 segments and sounder


eSIGN 24V 15 segments


eSIGN 24V 15 segments and sounder


eSIGN 24V 9 segments


eSIGN 24V 9 segments and sounder


Base with tube 4x


Bracket wall mount 4x


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eSIGN sets the standard for the most innovative signal tower available globally. For more information, see the resources below or reach out to our WERMA application engineer for help.


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