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Smart Hydraulics 101 | PumpMD and Our Smart HPU Demo

Greg Gulnac
Posted by Greg Gulnac on Jan 27, 2022 2:25:16 PM

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With all of the technology available today, it surprises me how many businesses still rely on reactive maintenance practices to keep their systems running. I understand things like IIoT and the Cloud can sound like techy, buzzword, hassles to many people, but what if I told you that access to predictive maintenance was as easy as a Wi-Fi connection?

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PumpMD  |  Data Collection  |  Key Features  | 
Smart HPU Demo  | Summary



PumpMD by IoT Diagnostics


If the pump is the heart of a hydraulic system, PumpMD is the monitor that warns you of incoming cardiac arrest before it's life-threatening. 

PumpMD is the only device engineered to track the pressure and temperature of the case drain of hydraulic piston pumps. The generated data can be viewed in real-time, as well as sent to the Cloud, to generate easy-to-read, pump health diagnostics. Together with custom alerts, these reports provide predictive maintenance for the heart of your system.



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Retrieving Your Data

There are two ways to easily collect process data from the PumpMD.

Number one is wireless. PumpMD uses Wi-Fi to connect to the IoT Experience Cloud Service. Here, you'll find a graphical view and logging of your data.

Number two is through two 0-10 volt analog signals. These signals are directed to the M12 Connector and can be added to any PLC or monitoring device.


Key Benefits

Real-Time Monitoring - View current and historical data at any time.

Custom Alerts - Receive instant notifications on your pump's health, with adjustable thresholds.

Zero Pressure Drop - There are no moving parts, so it does not affect your device pressure.

Pump Efficiency Reports - PumpMD ranks your pumps by efficiency, helping you prioritize repairs.

Easy Wireless Connection - Does it get more straightforward than Wi-Fi?


Smart HPU Demo

PumpMD isn't the only way to help your HPU get smarter. Check out these other great features of our Smart HPU, designed to keep your systems running safely and smoothly.


Our Smart HPU includes:

Bosch Rexroth GoPak Hydraulics

GoPak Hydraulic System by Bosch Rexroth

Design your optimal system in Rexroth's online GoDesigner Design Configurator.

Learn more

Phoenix Contact FL mGuard

FL mGuard by Phoenix Contact


Protect your industrial network from online predators

Learn more
Pricing and availability

Phoenix Contact FL WLAN 2100

FL WLAN 2100 (or 1100) by Phoenix Contact


The wireless access point with easy setup and mounting.

Learn more
Pricing and availability

Phoenix Contact PLCnext

 PLCnext by Phoenix Contact


The PLC with a built-in virtual HMI

Learn more
Pricing and availability


SmartMONITOR Lightstack by



Monitor your entire production facility at a glance, all with built-in IoT Features

Learn more
Pricing and availability

IoT Diagnostics DOC4DOC4 by IoT Diagnostics


The Sensor-to-the-Cloud Gateway

Learn more



pump md jpg-1PumpMD monitors the pressure and temperature of the case drain of your hydraulic system, providing you with custom alerts and comprehensive diagnostic reporting. Together, they enable predictive maintenance on the heart of your hydraulic system, all with zero pressure-drop on your design and an easy Wi-Fi set-up.

Learn more about PumpMD



If you have questions or want help assessing your application, reach out to one of our experts who are happy to help. 

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