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Safety Controls Innovation | The PSRmodular by Phonix Contact

Graham Zimmerman
Posted by Graham Zimmerman on May 6, 2021 12:02:08 PM
Design priority in a control cabinet is a perpetual battle between saving space and reducing costs, all while maintaining the integrity of the system's safety composition. Let's navigate that problem together, and then examine why the PSRmodular safety system just might be the top solution to resolve it.

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- The Conflict of Innovation

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The Conflict of Innovation

Machine builders are always looking to cut costs and save space, but they cannot compromise on safety standards. As users upgrade from using only safety relays and add programmable safety logic into their systems, they find they need to use dedicated safety-rated controllers to handle all of the safety logic and functions in the system design.

To the dismay of both machine builders and users, these safety-rated controllers are often:

  • expensive (often thousands of dollars)
  • bulky
  • unintuitive (hope you're good with programming!)
  • and not flexible in terms of diagnostics and communications options.

    This issue is widespread, as these systems are used in major industries such as packaging, food, machine tools, processing, and also in things like wind turbine generators.


Phoenix Contact's PSRmodular Safety System

This is where the PSRmodular Safety System comes in. Its flexibility and functionality close the gap between simple safety relays and programmable safe controllers. Plus, its versatility and cost-effectiveness allow it to be implemented in both smaller and larger systems. I know that sounds like a bunch of too-good-to-be-true mumbo jumbo, but let's break down the PSRmodular's main benefits so you understand what I mean.

And, here's a short video if you're more of a visual learner.

PSRmodular Main Benefits:


The high-performance base module can be used as a cost-effective, stand-alone solution that can be implemented in small applications with as little as three safety functions. But, it also can be extended in a modular fashion with the appropriate modules to be used in applications that require up to 160 I/O's. As you and your system grow, you can rest easy knowing the PSRmodular is going to be able to adapt and handle it.


Phoenix Contact's comprehensive product offerings make it possible for you to combine and match various analog, motion, and extension modules together. This means you can create the optimal solution for your requirements both now, and later. 

Time Saver:

Save time on installation, as all function modules are optionally available with Phoenix's Push-in Technology. This enables convenient conductor connection and installation, all without tools. Use it with the proven DIN rail connectors to ensure installation is even easier, and that connections are error-free. 

You'll also save time with configuration. The PSRmodular comes with preconfigured and TÜV-certified software blocks that can be configured without prior programming knowledge. Just drag and drop to design your safety system, with detailed simulation and reporting functions available for validation. 


Space Saver:

This puppy is slim at only 22.5mm wide. For reference, competitor safety-rated controllers (the ones that cost thousands) take up over triple the amount of space on the DIN rail compared to the PSRmodular.


In addition to classic safety functions (emergency stop signals, safety door locks, light grids, and safety shut-off mats), the PSRmodular adds new high-performance safety function modules, such as speed, zero-speed, direction of rotation, and safe analog value monitoring that can be added to the safety control module for extended functionality.


Gateways are available to enable bi-directional communication with the PSRmodular and your main PLC, and is compatible with all common bus protocols. This allows for detailed and user-friendly diagnostics to help you minimize machine downtimes with status monitoring, and more.



Whether you have a small system, large system, or even a small system you hope will grow, the PSRmodular safety controller is the cost-effective, compact, scalable, and customizable solution to help your system run safely.


Pricing and Availability:

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