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Power Supply by Phoenix Contact | Meet TRIO3

Joe Winiger
Posted by Joe Winiger on Jan 30, 2024 11:08:37 AM

Boosting productivity and cutting costs are crucial factors for success in industrial manufacturing. However, panel builders and integrators frequently encounter a common obstacle: managing multiple rail spaces effectively. This becomes time-consuming, disrupting operations when blown fuses must be changed, and significant resources and effort are needed to identify and replace faulty components. 

To overcome this obstacle, Phoenix Contact has introduced the TRIO3 Power Supply with integrated circuit protection, an innovative solution that is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Unlike traditional supplementary devices, the TRIO3 incorporates built-in electronic circuit breakers, enhancing efficiency and streamlining operations.

Let's dive into the realm of possibilities and explore the potential of the TRIO3!


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What is a Phoenix Contact Power Supply?Product Details: Introducing the Third Generation TRIO3 from Phoenix ContactKey Features of the TRIO3 Power SupplyThe TRIO3 Product PortfolioHow the TRIO3 Works: | Frequently Asked Questions



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What is a Power Supply?

Electricity@2xA Power Supply is an electrical device that converts incoming local power to smaller power for use with control cabinet devices. It is designed to convert a large incoming power to a small outgoing power to maintain continuous, reliable, and adjustable power to the cabinet to avoid damaging any devices inside.




Product Details: Introducing the Third Generation TRIO3 from Phoenix Contact

Formerly, thermomagnetic or electronic breakers, fuses, or fused terminal blocks were required for supplementary protection alongside the power supply. But now, the latest generation of the TRIO3 has these electronic circuit breakers built-in. This condenses what used to take nearly a foot of din rail space down to 88mm or 68mm and eliminates the problem of replacing a fuse after it blows. Instead, users can simply reset the breaker.


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Key Features of the TRIO3 Power Supply

Speed - Velocity@2x


The TRIO3 Power Supply by Phoenix Contact offers a range of key features that make it a standout choice for industrial manufacturing.



High Efficiency:


Ensuring that energy is not wasted and resulting in lower energy costs. This is particularly important in today's environmentally conscious world, where businesses constantly seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint. For example, the TRIO3's dynamic boost allows up to 150% of the nominal load for up to 5 seconds. 


Compact Design:


Allows for optimal use of space. Its built-in electronic circuit breakers eliminate the need for additional supplementary devices, condensing what used to take up a significant amount of rail space down to just 88mm or 68mm. This saves valuable real estate in the control panel, simplifies installation, and reduces wiring time.




The TRIO3 ensures it can withstand the demands of industrial environments. It is designed to provide reliable and continuous power, even under challenging conditions. Its wide input voltage range further enhances this reliability, allowing it to operate seamlessly under all global energy supply networks. Whether in regions with fluctuating voltage levels or unstable power grids, the TRIO3 Power Supply can adapt and deliver consistent performance. Better yet, the TRIO3's limited lifetime warranty, if a surge protection device is paired with a Phoenix Contact power supply, they give you a lifetime warranty on all non-wearable Phoenix Contact devices downstream of the power supply (HMI’s/IPCs from 1 yr to 5 yr). 


Short-Circuit Protection:


This ensures that the power supply will automatically shut down in the event of a fault or overload to prevent any damage to connected devices or equipment. This safeguards the power supply and protects the entire system, minimizing downtime and costly repairs.



The TRIO3 Product Portfolio

-C3060x3060,189,101-S418x418-FJPGThe TRIO3 product lineup currently offers a variety of options to suit different industrial needs. These include a primary switched power supply, a 20A power supply with eight built-in supplementary breakers, and a 10A power supply with four built-in supplementary breakers. Each breaker channel in the TRIO3 can be easily programmed between 1 and 10A, providing flexibility and customization. Additionally, the TRIO3 is equipped with IO-Link capabilities, enabling remote monitoring and reset for enhanced convenience and efficiency.


The Evolution of Power Supply Protection

Panel building and Integration professionals often rely on thermomagnetic standard circuit breakers, fuses, and fused terminal blocks to protect power supplies. However, there is now a revolutionary solution available. Whether using traditional circuit breakers or fuses, the TRIO3 offers a more efficient and streamlined approach to power supply protection.


trio family


What is being demonstrated here is the transition from the use of independent fuses or standalone breakers at the top to a 10-ampere Trio3 with four built-in breakers and output power at the bottom. 


Over the past few years, Phoenix Contact has developed and released three series of supplementary electronic circuit breakers over the past few years. Each of these series have the same programmable functions that the TRIO3 has, however they are not power supplies themselves, and instead need to be paired with a power supply shown in the above image.


Now, let's take a closer look at the various series of programmable electronic circuit breakers available:

- CBMC (E4 24DC/1-4A NO - Electronic circuit breaker) in either 8 or 4 channels

- PTCB (E1 24DC/1-8A NO - Electronic circuit breaker) for individual circuit protection

- CAPAROC (customizable electronic circuit breaker system for overcurrent protection) for modular use, providing greater customization

The TRIO3 power supply combines Phoenix Contact's innovative power supplies and electronic circuit breakers into one convenient device. This integration drastically reduces the required space and simplifies the wiring process.



How the TRIO3 Works: 

The TRIO3 is user-friendly and intuitive. When a circuit breaker is powered, a solid green light indicates that the respective channel is protected and powered. If the breaker is tripped, the light changes to red, signifying the breaker has tripped, and the circuit has been powered off. Once the issue is cleared, users can simply reset the breaker by clicking the button, now the circuit is reset and protecting the load again.

The TRIO3 allows you to program the trip current of each channel from 1-10 amps. Users can use the dial to select which channel they want to adjust, then use the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the nominal current for that channel. To set it, simply return the dial to its off position. Now, the trip current is set.

The third generation of the TRIO power supply from Phoenix Contact is a breakthrough in power supply technology. With built-in electronic circuit breakers, it offers a compact, efficient, and user-friendly solution for power supply and supplementary circuit protection.

Additionally, the TRIO3, when powered up and protected with a surge protector from Phoenix Contact, offers a lifetime warranty on all non-wearable Phoenix Contact components downstream of the power supply. That includes the surge modules itself. HMIs and IPCs are limited to a 5-year warranty.


The TRIO3 from Phoenix Contact represents a significant advancement in power supply technology. Incorporating built-in electronic circuit breakers presents a compact, efficient, and user-friendly solution for safeguarding power supplies. Interested in the TRIO3 power supply? Contact us or fill out the form below! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are DIN-rail power supplies used for?

This power supply is commonly mounted on a cabinet or used in the industrial context. They may automate machinery and projects with modules mounted in DINrails.


Is this a predictive maintenance solution? 

The Power Supply Phoenix Contact TRIO3 alone is not a preventative maintenance strategy. However, it is designed to facilitate preventive maintenance strategies in power supply systems. The TRIO3 power supply has features that can support predictive or preventive maintenance approaches. This includes intelligent and communicative systems, and the ability to calculate usage-dependent service life.

These features enable the monitoring of the power supply's performance and anticipate potential issues before they become serious problems, which is a key aspect of preventive maintenance. Also, the power supply is designed to be robust and reliable, reducing the likelihood of unexpected failures and the need for unscheduled maintenance. This makes it an ideal component in a preventative maintenance strategy for a power supply system.


Are Phoenix Contact Power Supplies energy efficient?

Yes, Phoenix Contact Power Supplies are designed to provide high efficiency, which leads to less

energy wastage and lower energy costs.


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