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How to Lower Hydraulic Noise | Bosch Rexroth Sytronix DRn 5020 Review

Michael Ricciardi
Posted by Michael Ricciardi on May 13, 2021 12:49:38 PM

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Noise Problems

The Syntronix DRn 5020

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If you have ever been around a hydraulic power unit (HPU) you will not be surprised when I say they are L O U D. They also require large amounts of power to operate, and are expensive to repair and replace. I want to share some industry knowledge with you about an easy, powerful, and cost-effective solution for constant pressure pump control, providing you with noise reduction, energy savings, and increased system efficiencies.


Can you hear me now?

There are many different methods to handle the noise that comes from using hydraulic power units. One such method is to have the HPU in a separate area away from the general workspace, and another is to use an enclosure around the unit, but these options are often expensive and not spatially efficient.

Protective ear equipment such as earplugs or muffs are essential and should always be present, but oftentimes they are relied on as the sole protection for an employee's ears, leaving it to the individual to follow safety directives to wear proper equipment. Unfortunately, their long-term hearing is often traded for temporary comfort.



The Syntronix DRn 5020 control system from Bosch Rexroth's is a must-have for any hydraulic equipment that has periods of dwell-time, meaning systems that are continuously running even though they may not be used all the time. The DRn control system does two important things:

  • It maintains the system's pressure.
  • It controls the motor speed to match the required demand of the system.

    So instead of running your system's motor at full capacity for the system's full run-time, the DRn will only ramp up the motor when it's demanded by your system. This results in decreased noise emission by up to 20 dB when the system is not actively being used, making it much easier to meet noise control regulations and reducing soundproofing expenses.

Watch the video below to see (and hear) it in action...


Additional Benefits:

Save Energy

Because the pump control optimizes the operating speed, it reduces energy consumption when not actively in use, maximizing overall efficiency. The add-up is significant -  up to 70% in energy savings over time with the DRn.

Increase Pump Life

By running the pump at a lower RPM, the continued demand on the components is reduced, effectively increasing the service life by decreasing the wear and tear on the system. The DRn also reduces motor heating, which is increasingly important for systems that use an expensive and specialized lubricant.


Ideal for Retrofits

The design makes it easy to implement into existing systems. It's the perfect fit to add on to existing DR or DRG systems using an EFC 5610 pump controller and pressure transducer.


Flexibility and Integration

The Sytronix DRn 5020 supports standalone operation or multi-Ethernet communication options, making it easy to integrate into a variety of system topologies.


Well, I guess the secret's out, but I hope it helps save your hearing and your wallet! Please reach out if you have any questions about how the DRn could integrate into your system, Airline has industry experts who have been around the block before and can help with every step of the process.


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