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Lincoln Wire Rope Lubricator - WRL

Greg Gulnac
Posted by Greg Gulnac on Dec 11, 2020 10:59:43 AM

Are you looking to squeeze more life out of your wire rope? Literally speaking, you now have the ability to squeeze more life into your wire rope using the Lincoln Wire Rope Lubricator (WRL). As a matter of fact, up to six to eight times more life can be achieved by the proper application and frequency of lubrication.


The WRL was developed by Lincoln with those individuals in mind who have the desire to protect the significant investment they have made in wire rope. Even when used in modest lengths, gauges, and conventional materials, the cost of wire rope can quickly add up. As wire rope is typically used in applications involving lifting, hoisting, dragging, pulling, arresting, etc., and often subject to harsh conditions, the life span of wire rope is usually extremely short lived. Wire rope that is not periodically lubricated is likely to fail prematurely from the effects of excessive heat generation and abrasion caused by friction.

For those individuals looking to extend the life of their wire rope, investment in a Lincoln Wire Rope Lubricator (WRL) will be the surest means to achieve this result. It’s not uncommon to discover wire rope failure caused by a rotted and fatigued core. Although there are other products and systems on the market designed to apply a protective coating of lubricant to wire rope, only the Lincoln Wire Rope Lubricator (WRL) is designed to inject protective lubricant into the rope’s core while simultaneously applying a protective coating of lubricant to the outside diameter of the wire rope.

The design of the Lincoln Wire Rope Lubricator (WRL) prevents excessive application of lubricant common to other applicators on the market. The efficient application of lubrication reduces expense due to lubricant waste and associated cleanup activities. The WRL is designed to dispense and apply the lubricant automatically thus avoiding manual application altogether, allowing valuable manpower to be deployed elsewhere. The potential risk of harm to an employee is alleviated when the Lincoln WRL replaces the manual application of lubricant, thereby contributing to a reduction in costs due to accident and injuries.

Lincoln is also well positioned to provide the components and accessories typically used in conjunction with the wire rope lubricant applicator.


Key Features

  • Fast and efficient – reduces lubrication time by up to 90% vs. manual lubrication
  • Increases operator safety
  • Easy to use with any wire rope up to 2 in. (52 mm)
  • Helps to prevent corrosion
  • Protects the wire ropes
  • Penetrates the wire rope core
  • Reduces waste and contamination
  • Robust design for harsh environments


Product Information


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