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Lincoln Centro-Matic Pump | Product Review

Todd Schnirel
Posted by Todd Schnirel on Dec 11, 2020 10:24:04 AM

The Lincoln P653S Centro-Matic Pump represents the next generation, electrically operated lubricant pumping system. Priced significantly less than its predecessor, this all-in-one lubricant pumping system comprises an electrically operated pump capable of pumping oil or fluid grease up to NLGI #2, a reservoir, and a programmable controller. Installation and system start up time and effort is minimized by the “plug-and-go” design. After mounting, simply provide 120/230VAC power to the unit, connect the lubricant outlet (supply) line, input the control parameters using the on-board operator interface, fill the reservoir using the dedicated fill port, and quickly find you are in a position to supply oil or grease to the downstream lubricant injector system.


The P653S Centro-Matic Pump can be synchronized to operate in unison with the equipment or machinery, saving money by halting the consumption of lubrication when the equipment or machinery is out of operation. The P653S lubricant dispensing unit is equipped with a stirring paddle to keep the lubricant in the reservoir from separating, a pressure transducer or pressure switch, and the vent port. This system can be programmed to provide alerts for low lubricant level and various system faults.

The P653S Centro-Matic Pump is just one of the many new innovative products introduced by Lincoln to significantly reduce costly downtime due to failures attributed to an improper or inadequate lubrication system. Lincoln designs every product with the intent to make the proper application of lubricant and the upkeep of lubrication dispensing systems an easier, faster, and safer job to do.

Key Features

  • Integrated pump supplies lubricant to a single-line parallel lubrication system
  • Pumps oil and fluid grease up to NLGI #2
  • Easily interfaces with telematics technology in today’s precision and high-speed equipment
  • Operating temperature range from 32 to 122 °F (0 to 50 °C)






Download Lincoln P653S Centro-Matic Pump Catalog






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