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Our Top IP-Rated Products

Todd Huber
Posted by Todd Huber on May 12, 2022 3:48:06 PM

Whether it's a particularly dusty application or harsh chemicals are needed to disinfect equipment, rough conditions are a challenge. For these applications, components need to repeatedly withstand dust, water, and chemical hazards, while also performing at peak levels. That's why IP ratings were created to rigorously test items so that you know specifically what conditions they can endure. So today we're listing some of our favorite IP-Rated industrial products, organized by category, so you can easily select some top-performers for rough applications. Let's dive into it!

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Bosch Rexroth 4WE6 Valves

These valves are now available with an IP69-rated Deutsch Connector!

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP69k

Part numbers: 4WE6J6X/EG24N9K40 & 4WE6E6X/EG24N9K40 

Application: Directional spool valves, direct operated, with solenoid actuation.  

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65666_oSensor/actuator cables by Phoenix Contact

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP67

Part numbers: PHOENIX 1410730

Application: This connector works along with the mentioned 4WE6 valves above.

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Automation & Controls

X-Switch Motor Disconnect Switches by Eaton

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP69k

Part number: 2327753

Application: Machine Disconnect switches are used to safely shut motors and other machinery down in food and beverage, and pharmaceutical environments.

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E3AS Series Photoelectric Sensors by Omron Automation

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP69k 

Part number: 2497098 

Application: E3AS-F sensors can be used in high-mix conveyor lines that transport products of varying colors, as well as assembly lines with restricted installation space. The Anti-Fouling Lens Coating makes it ideal for rough conditions.


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harsh washdown omron


Want more washdown wisdom?


Download Omron Automation's washdown brochure that discusses products safe for harsh washdown procedures!


FPW Series Gear Motors by Oriental Motor

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP67 

Part numbers: 1674589

Application: The FPW Series are washdown AC induction gear motors ideal for applications where they are splashed with water.

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wermaeSign Tower Lights by WERMA

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP69k & UV Resistant Rated

Applications: These signal lights have a variety of functions that help quickly communicate statuses on the floor. From a classic signal tower, to variable filling level indications, these lights can do it all, even in harsh environments!

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cahb_2xs CAHB-20 Series Electric Actuators by Ewellix Controls

πŸ’§ IP Ratings: IP65, IP67 & IP69k

Application: Ewellix electromechanical CAHB Linear actuators are engineered to operate in severe environments at temperatures from -40 to +85 Β°C with a maximum duty cycle of 25% and consist of full metal gears with corrosion-resistant housings. 

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Eliminator SP Electric Actuators by E-Drive

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP69k 

Application: These actuators are designed for high-temperature and high-pressure washdown conditions.

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TRIO POWER Power Supply Units by Phoenix Contact

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP67 

Part numbers: 1065976

Application: TRIO POWER primary-switched power supply in IP67 die-cast housing, 7/8β€³ circular connector, input: 1-phase, output: 24 V DC/8 A


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hygiene-design-hdpHDV Hygienic Design Planetary Gearbox and other hygienic products by WITTENSTEIN

Application: The Hygienic Design planetary gearbox HDV is the worldβ€˜s first planetary gearbox to be certified by the EHEDG. Safe, direct integration in the process is now a reality. In addition to Hygienic Design gearbox HDV with output shaft we now offer the gearbox HDP with output flange.

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y923Y92e Cord Sets by Omron Automation

πŸ’§ IP Ratings: IP67, IP68, and IP69k

Part numbers: 214181 

Application: Detergent and wash-down resistant polypropylene cable connectors. 

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HEAVYCON Connectors by Phoenix Contact

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP67

Application:  Industrial connectors from the HEAVYCON complete series protect your interfaces and ensure the reliable transmission of power, data, and signals even under the harshest conditions.

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FL WLAN Wireless Ethernet Access Points by Phoenix Contact

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP67 

Part number: 2702540

Application: The FL WLAN products are IP-rated wireless access points that establish a robust and reliable wireless network around systems or machines. 

Learn more in our blog, or we can help you set it up step-by-step with our WLAN Training YouTube Series!

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Axioline E Remote IO Modules by Phoenix Contact

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP67

Part number: 2268966 

Application: AXIOLINE E is the decentralized I/O system for automation tasks on the machine and system engineering under harsh environmental conditions.

Control by Phoenix Contact 

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FL SWITCH Unmanaged Ethernet Switches by Phoenix Contact

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP67 

Part numbers: 2700200

Application: This industrial-grade ethernet switch has the flexibility to build robust and secure networks, even in harsh environments.

Unmanaged and Managed Switches by Pheonix Contact 

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Enclosures & Enclosure Entry Solutions

Hygienic Design Enclosures by Rittal

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP69k

Application: An easy-to-clean, climate-controlled solution is now available for hygiene-critical production zones in the food and consumables industry. 

Hygenic Design by Rittal 

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1. KEL-DPZ rund

KEL DPZ (circular) & KEL DPU (rectangular) Cable Entry Plates by icotek

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP68  

Application: KEL-DPU entry plates are designed to route and seal cables without connectors (from 3.2 mm to 20.5 mm in diameter) in limited space with IP66 / IP68 / UL type 12 & 4X* ratings.

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Capture-May-09-2022-06-20-13-10-PMIndustrial Vision Enclosures by APG

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP69k

Application: Camera and lighting enclosures for industrial environments. 

Industrial enclosures from APG


FLEXAquick Connectors by AerosUSA

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP69k

Application: cable protection system that is extremely simple to use for such a high-rated product.

FLEXAquick by AerosUSA



SY5C005U1_oSY3000/5000/7000 Series 4 & 5 Port Solenoid Valves by SMC

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP67

Application: The M12 waterproof connector type ensures easy attaching/detaching and wiring. Applicable to the side, top, and bottom. 

Download 5-Port Solenoid Valve Brochure 

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JSY5000-H Series Manifold Valves by SMC

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP69k

Part numbers: JSY5000-H 

Application: Clean design manifold valve for low fluid accumulation. Easy to clean! 

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LEY-X7 Series Electric Actuators by SMC

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP65 & IP67

Part numbers: LEY-X7 – X8

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food SMC






Learn more about pneumatics for the food & beverage industry

Download SMC's Brochure for more information 



Machine Safety

F3SG4RE0160P14_oF3SG Light Curtains by Omron

πŸ’§ IP Rating: IP67, IP67G *1, IP69K

Part number: 2303230 

Application: Easy to monitor and ready for IoT, these light curtains help keep employees and equipment safe in the most hazardous situations.

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There are plenty of wonderful IP-rated products in the marketplace, and this list is by no means all of them, but they are the ones that have helped us and our customers get hard tasks done time and time again in harsh conditions. 

If you need any assistance with selecting the right IP-rated products for your application, don't hesitate to contact us and we can help provide the best solution.

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