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HYDAC HMG 4000 | Collect Data from Virtually ANY Device on Your Machine

Rob Panzarella
Posted by Rob Panzarella on Sep 9, 2021 2:38:51 PM

Data collection continues to be an essential part of every industry, yet, acquiring machine data in a cost-effective and user-friendly manner continues to be challenging for many engineers and maintenance leaders. If you're caught in that catch-22, keep reading. We're covering the HMG 4000 from HYDAC, a little-known device that collects data easily from practically any device on your machine.

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The Benefits of Collecting Data
About the HMG 4000
Video Overview/Demo
Key Features
Resources and Contact Information

The Benefits of Collecting Machine Data

To quote Sir Francis Bacon, knowledge is power, and this is especially true when machine downtime is catastrophic to your bottom line. But most machines aren't enabled with built-in data collection, leaving it to the end-user to figure out (which many organizations don't have the manpower or budget to do). As data collection becomes a background task, maintenance becomes reactive, where you'll only know when something has already gone wrong. That's when the entire operation may be stalled until that one part comes in.

image (5) With proper machine data collection and interpretation, unplanned downtime can be easily avoided. The slow decline of machine performance over a few weeks won't be noticeable with visual maintenance checks, but would be noticeable in a graph, like the one shown to the left. Knowing your system's temperature, flow rate, vibration, and position are all vital for understanding machine health, and acting on the information enables predictive and preventative maintenance.

A Great Solution for Easy Data Collection


The HMG 4000 by HYDAC is built to collect real-time data from practically any device on industrial machines and systems. It is a portable and provides a wide range of flexibility, recording many different factors such as flow, CFM, spool position, feedback signals, and more. It's capable of recording up to 38 sensors at once (8 analog, 2 digital sensors, and 28 HSCI sensors via CAN bus).

Even better, the HMG 4000 collects and records all of these data points, then processes that data in the form of an easy-to-read graph. These graphs can be served up to the cloud so you can access real-time or historic machine data with ease. It's portability, touch screen controls, and menu interfaces make the HMG an extremely user-friendly way to collect, store, and read machine data. (For more details on the HMG's operation, check out the user manual).

Watch our video overview where Glen Katterson, Airline's Regional Operations Manager (and avid user of the HMG 4000), walks through the product with a demo, showing off the functionality, sensors, readings, and cabling.

About the HMG 4000

Key Features

Tech Specs (view datasheet)

• Simple and user-friendly operation, intuitive menu.

• Practical, robust, and portable design.

Records up to 38 sensors at once (eight analog, two digital sensors, and 28 HSCI sensors via CAN bus).

• Recording of dynamic processes online and in real-time.

• Event-driven measurements with several triggering options.

• Convenient visualization, archiving and data processing using the HMGWIN software.

• Large, full graphics color display 5.7" touch screen.

• Vast data memory for archiving measurement curves. Enables the storage of 500 measurements with up to 8 Million measured values.

• Up to 100 measurement channels depicted simultaneously.

• High-speed measuring rate, up to 8 sensors at 0.1 ms at a time.

• Rapid and automatic basic setting of the device using automatic sensor detection.

• Analogue inputs 0.. 20 mA, 4 .. 20 mA Voltage 0 .. 50V, -10 .. 10 V.

• PT 100/1000 input.

• Connection to a CAN bus system (also J1939).

• Various measurement modes: Measuring, Fast curve recording & Long term measurements.

• Programming function for HYDAC switch devices.

• PC interface via USB.

• USB Host connection for USB memory sticks.


HMG 4000 Pricing & Availability


web_video_sectionIf you're looking to implement predictive or preventative maintenance strategies and you need a user-friendly way to collect machine data, check out the HMG 4000, a portable, high-performance data collection tool. It gives users the flexibility to record and log data from virtually any machine or device. Its ease of use and simple graph reports make collecting and analyzing data a breeze and unlocks the vast benefits of predictive maintenance.


Resources & Contact Information 

HMG 4000 Pricing & Availability

HMG 4000 Data Sheet

HMG 4000 User Manual

Watch HMG Tutorial on YouTube

Airline Hydraulics YouTube Channel 

Contact us for assistance with ordering. As a HYDAC distributor, we're here to answer any of your pricing, ordering, or technical questions. 

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