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Connect & Learn Day: Highlights from our Open House Events

Todd Huber
Posted by Todd Huber on May 11, 2023 3:00:00 PM

Airline’s first-ever Connect & Learn Day events were a success, mainly because they differed from the standard "open house" format. This blog will review the highlights, SCCR classes, and an opportunity to download the SCCR slide deck & resources in case you missed it!

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Safety in the WorkplaceEducation & Safety | Missed the SCCR Class? | Thank You, Vendors! 


Take a look at our Connect & Learn Day Highlights! 

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Key Event Takeaways: 

Safety plays a critical role in the workplace.

Providing attendees with valuable knowledge truly made Airline's first-ever Connect & Learn Day events a great success. Our SCCR classes, presented by Eaton electrical controls experts, focused on understanding Short-Circuit Current Rating of components in electrical systems. Highlighting safety's critical role in the workplace, the SCCR lessons reminded attendees to prioritize safety and take proactive measures to prevent electrical failures, helping ensure workplace safety. 


Education & safety can still be fun and engaging.

star-wars-png-transparent-star-wars-images-pluspng-39At our South Carolina Connect & Learn Day, a Star Wars theme added a unique and fun element, demonstrating how education and safety can still be enjoyable and engaging. So why a Star Wars theme? Well, the weather in South Carolina is always beautiful on May Fourth, globally recognized as International Star Wars Day, or May the Fourth be with you.

But also because the Star Wars stories emphasize the importance of creativity and innovation, two crucial elements in the manufacturing world. And by bringing together like-minded individuals in a fun environment, we are proud to promote growth, development, and networking within the industry.

Additionally, our vendors brought their A-game with hands-on demonstrations and the latest technologies at both events. For example, at our Bensalem Connect & Learn Day, Eaton's traveling showcase included forty feet of their latest innovations in fully functional, real-world environments. Eaton's demonstrations included HVAC/R, pumping, process industry, and machinery applications, simulating day-to-day challenges and providing various fixing options.

Similarly, at our South Carolina event, we had ourselves a mini-tradeshow, where some of our key vendors were on full display, showcasing products and services and offering hands-on demonstrations. And, of course, we had our fleet of mobile technology showcases, the Tech Traveler, out for everyone to see at each event. Check out some event snapshots below. 


Missed the SCCR Class? 

SCCR stands for Short-Circuit Current Rating, defined in the 2017 NEC (National Electric Code), Article 100 as the maximum short-circuit current an electrical component can safely withstand without causing a shock or fire hazard. It’s critical to ensure electrical panels are designed and built with the proper SCCR to maintain the system, eliminate downtime and increase worker safety.

This class covered:

  1. 1. The basics of SCCR
    2. Detail the changes made to the 2017 NEC SCCR update
    3. Teach how to calculate your panel's short-circuit current
    4. Provide other insights and tools for complying with SCCR standards

    1. Missed the class?

    Fill out the form to instantly download SCCR Resources & Slide Deck


Thank you, Vendors! 

Can I get a big round of applause for our vendors?! Seriously, our vendor’s support has been vital to our organization’s success, and we want to say a quick thank you! Who showed up? Check out the list below!

QC Conveyors
Oriental Motors
Hatley & Associates

In Summary...

Airlines' Connect and Learn Day events were a tremendous success, highlighting the importance of safety in the industry and providing a fun and relaxing environment to network. Overall, we are proud to host an event series promoting innovative and engaging educational experiences for our customers and vendors.


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