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Bosch Rexroth MKK/MKR Generation 3 Linear Modules

Todd Schnirel
Posted by Todd Schnirel on Dec 2, 2020 11:24:34 AM

Generation 3 MKK and MKR Linear Modules from Bosch Rexroth provide a considerably expanded range of equipment options for the familiar space-saving dimensions of the previous generation. They feature a sophisticated switching concept, an integrated measuring system, and also come readily prepared to connect to central lubrication systems. In the corrosion-resistant versions, hard-chrome-plated ball screw drives and ball rails ensure high resistance to chemicals.

The linear module consists of an anodized aluminum profile body with integrated ball rails and the option of a ball screw drive (MKK Series) or a toothed belt drive (MKR Series). Rexroth now provides both drive types in the Generation 3 version in sizes 40, 65, 80, 110, and 140. The ball screw assembly versions of the linear modules are available with a length of up to 5,400 mm and the toothed belt drive versions with a length of up to 9,800 mm. For lengths of 4,000 mm or more, a screw support prevents any vibration from occurring at high speeds, even in the case of vertical applications, thus ensuring that these axes can be used in a broader range of highly dynamic applications. They are interchangeable with previous versions in the same dimensions and do not require large constructive adjustments. As ready-to-install assemblies, these linear modules reduce the construction and installation effort in all types of machines and systems.

Generation 3 modules address the industry-wide trend of automating maintenance work with one-point lubrication systems, which increases the life of the axes. The corresponding components, ball screw drive, and runner block are ready for one-point lubrication with liquid grease or oil. In the standard version, the linear module is delivered with initial lubrication, ready to use. If the user is using their own lubricants, they can order the corresponding linear module components with only corrosion prevention and complete the initial lubrication themselves.

In applications where increased corrosion resistance is required, the hard chrome plated ball screw drive, profiled rails, and corrosion-resistant steel (Resist NR) runner blocks can permanently withstand water and aggressive chemicals. Stainless-steel cover strips increase the resistance to cooling lubricants and other media.

The absolute measurement system IMS-A can be integrated into the sizes 80, 110, and 140. It works using the principle of non-contact measurement and is therefore not subject to wear and is resistant to contamination. As soon as it is switched on, IMS-A registers the absolute position of the axis with a high degree of precision and reports it to the control without a reference run. A repetition accuracy of ± 0.25 µm is achieved – a level of precision comparable to that of glass scales.

The magnetic field sensors as reference or end switches can be directly incorporated into the profile main body without any additional installation materials and without causing any interfering contours, enabling a space-saving design. The tried-and-tested switching concept also simplifies installation and saves time.

Two carriages with variable centerline-to-centerline distance also accommodate larger attachments with increased system rigidity. Centering holes in the carriages and frame simplify assembly because the use of centering rings produces a form-fitting connection, substantially simplifying adjustment work.

Just 5 clicks away from the perfect linear module – with LinSelect
Rexroth offers numerous engineering tools and configurators, such as the LinSelect tool, to guide users reliably through the selection process to reduce the time to market. The tool, which features an intuitive interface, simplifies and speeds up the selection and sizing of linear modules and also allows users to download 2D CAD drawings and 3D models. If you have additional questions regarding this product, please contact Airline at (800) 999-7378. As an authorized Bosch Rexroth Linear Motion Technology distributor, Airline product specialists are ready to provide application and ordering assistance.

Key Features

  • Available in five sizes: 40, 65, 80, 110, and 140
  • Standard steel ball rail and screw drive or chrome-plated rail and screw
  • Runner blocks: standard or corrosion-resistant steel (Resist NR)
  • Lubrication options: Standard grease, preserved only, prepared for central lubrication with semi fluid grease or oil lubrication
  • Absolute linear encoder IMS-A for MKR-80 and MKR-110 (HIPERFACE, DRIVE-CLiQ)
  • Carriages with location rings optional with T-slots or threaded holes
  • Extruded profile with optional location rings at bottom side

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