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Phoenix Contact's Axioline Smart Elements Explained

Graham Zimmerman
Posted by Graham Zimmerman on Mar 29, 2021 3:48:56 PM

I/O (input/output) is critical for data exchange, and in the world of machine automation, data is king. But when you think of I/O, it's hard not to think about oversized modules that drive up the size and cost of automation designs. Well, lucky for us, that's where Phoenix Contact's new release of Axioline Smart Elements comes in.


Smart Elements also focus on minimizing rail usage while maximizing I/O density. It has an extremely dense design of the modules themselves, with 32 points of I/O in 15 mm of space! This small footprint allows people to optimize machine design, reduce cabinet size, and cut some design costs while they're at it. 

Speaking of reduced costs, this product goes against traditional design rules. Because normally, when you reduce a component's size, the cost for the product is driven up. But that is not the case with Phoenix Contact's Smart Elements. This product variant is competitively priced to match (or beat) larger-footprint competitors. In addition, the Smart Elements platform is backed by the Phoenix Contact Limited Lifetime Warranty (how's that for peace of mind!).


Axioline Smart Elements' main features:

The new Axioline Smart Elements offers an extremely compact, easy-to-use, and economical solution for collecting I/O for a wide variety of applications.  

Extremely compact

Users can stack Smart Elements two high, making it possible to fit up to 32 I/O channels on 15mm of rail space! This ingenious design (combined with the Smart Elements' flexible modularity) allows the combination of digital, analog, and/or special-function elements in a single base. This maximizes station density while maintaining high modularity

Easy to use

Take advantage of simple push-in technology to wire and configure all I/O, reducing the need for tools and optimizing the wiring process. Smart Elements require little to no parameterization for quick and easy configuration using the head station and plug-and-play feature.


Smart Elements save money with usage, as it requires less DIN Rail space and reduces wiring & configuration time with push-in technology. Smart Elements themselves are also competitively priced, making it one of the most economical I/O solutions on the market.


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