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Are You Ready for an Automatic Lubrication System?

Todd Schnirel
Posted by Todd Schnirel on Dec 2, 2020 9:04:20 AM

You’ve probably heard the expression about something “running like a well-oiled machine,” referring to something that operates well, especially if there are lots of moving parts. But if you own or operate equipment that requires lubrication, you know that this expression is much more than a trite saying. You understand that proper lubrication is a required maintenance practice that is vital to the life of your machinery. Even though you may understand how important proper lubrication is, you may still be asking yourself some questions that indicate your need for a better lubrication solution. Some of these questions are listed below.

  • We have a maintenance team lubing our equipment, so why do we continue to have premature bearing failures and lubrication-related machinery downtime?
  • Does our maintenance team remember when it is time to lubricate our equipment?
  • How does our maintenance team know what does or doesn’t require lubrication during each cycle?
  • How does our maintenance team know how much lubrication to dispense to each point?
  • What happens if they dispense an insufficient amount of lubricant?
  • What happens to a bearing if too much grease is applied?
  • Why do we buy lubricant much more frequently than expected?
  • Does our maintenance team take shortcuts or skip a lubrication cycle altogether if confronted with bad weather?
  • Does our maintenance team risk injury while trying to access hard-to-reach lubrication points?
  • How much does it cost us to shut down production every time we need to lubricate?
  • Do we have to remove machine guards every time we need to lubricate?
  • Could we make better use of the time and manpower currently used to manually lubricate our equipment and machinery?


If any of the above questions have entered your mind, you should consider an automatic lubrication system that can perform lubrication tasks more reliably, effectively, economically, efficiently, consistently, and safely. Automatic lubrication systems substantially improve equipment life and reduce repairs by delivering measured amounts of grease to lubrication points automatically. Productivity is significantly improved since lubrication is performed at specific time intervals while the equipment is running. Grease consumption is reduced since the system only uses the precise amount required. Proper lubrication is always achieved, no matter the environment or weather conditions. Safety is also improved by eliminating the practice of climbing all over machinery to lubricate hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, lubrication is performed without the need to breach machine guarding. In short, an automatic lubrication system will lower your maintenance costs, improve productivity, and increase safety.


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