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A Closer Look at the Omron TM S Collaborative Robot: Expert Walkthrough at Omron's Proof of Concept Center

Todd Huber
Posted by Todd Huber on Jun 6, 2024 11:25:03 AM
A Closer Look at the Omron TM S Collaborative Robot: Expert Walkthrough at Omron's Proof of Concept Center

During our trip to Chicago for AUTOMATE 2024, we made sure to visit Omron Automation's Proof of Concept Center. There, we got an up-close look at the new TM S series collaborative robot (cobot). Thanks to Mark Skaer, Omron's Automation Engineer for Motion Control Solutions, we learned all about its advanced features. Today's blog will outline these features, helping simplify and make industrial automation more efficient. 

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Video HighlightsMeet the TM S Collaborative Robot by OmronWhy the TM S Series Matters | Frequently Asked Questions 


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Watch the full video here!

Video Highlights

The practical demonstration at the Proof of Concept Center showcases the TM S series' collaborative mode, highlighting the safety features that allow it to operate seamlessly around human workers without needing hard guarding. The robot’s movements were smooth and precise, demonstrating its ability to perform tasks accurately and reliably. You can learn more about the TM S cobot series in our blog post: Meet the Omron TM S Series—The Next Generation of Omron Collaborative Robots.

Key Takeaways

✔️ The Omron TM S series collaborative robot features groundbreaking technology for industrial automation.

✔️ The TM S series robot is designed for safety and reliability in tough industrial conditions. 

✔️ The TM S series is versatile and can be used in diverse industrial applications. It is available in four models with different payload capacities and reaches, effectively catering to varying task requirements.



Meet the TM S Collaborative Robot by Omron 


The TM S series isn't just an upgrade; it's collaborative robotics technology focused on versatility and safety. It offers significant improvements over the already impressive TM series. Here's what sets the TM S apart:


Integrated Vision and Landmark System

One of the TM S's most striking features is its integrated camera and advanced landmark technology. This innovative system enables the robot to seamlessly orient itself within a new environment by scanning a predefined landmark, eliminating the need for recalibration when relocated. This capability is crucial in projects where flexibility and rapid adaptability are necessary for success.

Download TM Cobot S Series Product Overview


Enhanced Safety and Customization Options

Safety is a top priority for collaborative robots operating alongside human workers. The TM S series builds on Omron's commitment to safety by introducing 31 safety features, 13 more than its predecessor, the TM, making integrating external safety devices for customers easier., and oil-resistant end caps, ensuring the robot's longevity and reliability in different industrial conditions. 


But don't forget, additional safety sensors or other provisions may be required based on configured speeds and an application
risk assessment. If you need a risk assessment, check out our risk assessment solutions by our machine safety group, MPSA.


Oil-Resistant Caps


The TM S introduces an innovative feature: oil-resistant caps. This enhancement significantly boosts reliability, particularly in machine-tending applications. The oil-resistant caps are designed to withstand exposure to various oils commonly used in industrial settings, such as hydraulic and lubricating. This not only increases the TM S's overall durability but also reduces maintenance costs, as the machine is less likely to be affected by oil contamination.



New Teach Pendant and Software Features

The TM S's wide-screen teach pendant makes program setups and adjustments simple. Think about it: how often do you struggle with clunky interfaces? The TM S addresses this by introducing a new scripting language, granting advanced users greater control while still maintaining an intuitive flowchart-based programming language for beginners. This dual approach ensures both newbies and pros can use the system smoothly. It's easy enough to understand that even a kid (my son) can do it. Check it out.

Payload and Reach

The TM S series is built for diverse industrial applications and features four models: TM5S, TM7S, TM12S, and TM14S. Check out the image beloe for max payloas or download our data sheet. 


Download TM S Datasheet




Why the TM S Series Matters


The TM S series collaborative robot is a game-changer for industrial manufacturing, offering enhanced operational efficiency, safety, and adaptability. As an authorized distributor, Airline is leading the way in introducing Omron Automation's latest innovations to the industry. Shop the TM S series today! 

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Visiting Omron's Proof of Concept Center highlights the TM S series' potential to transform collaborative robotics by boosting efficiency and ensuring higher safety standardsTo learn more about the TM S series and its capabilities, visit our detailed blog post: Meet the Omron TM S Series—The Next Generation of Omron Collaborative Robots.

Questions? Contact us today for more information or to schedule a TM S cobot demonstration! 



Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the TM S series?

The TM S series is Omron's new generation of collaborative robotics, focusing on versatility and safety in industrial automation.

How does the TM S series differ from previous models?

The TM S has 31 safety features, 13 more than its predecessor, making it easier for customers to integrate external safety devices.

What is new about the TM S series' software features?

The TM S series introduces a new scripting language, and a wide-screen teach pendant that simplifies program setups and adjustments. It maintains an intuitive flowchart-based programming language for beginners while providing advanced control for seasoned users.


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